Don’t Stream Regularly? 4 Tips to do Before Your Next Twitch Stream – Pixelated

Don’t Stream Regularly? 4 Tips to do Before Your Next Twitch Stream – Pixelated

During this phase of streaming limbo use this time to your advantage and a stage for growth.
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Jun 24, 2021
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When I use the phrase “not streaming regularly ” this does not mean “not constantly”. It means not having or following a schedule. It’s that point when streaming comes on a whim and not on a consistent basis. This is not a bad thing starting out and it doesn’t have to be. The experience can help make a more consistent schedule or routine. You do not ( and should not ) stream 7 days a week or 8 hours a day. Lean into create a schedule that you can stick to. This in turn can allow viewers / followers to be able to be in the know of when to catch your next stream. During this phase of streaming limbo use this time to your advantage and a stage for growth. Below are some tips for streamers that are not at that point of consistent streaming.

1. Note down your routine for before, during and after your stream!

Streaming is an active learning process. Because of this stop relying on memory! Take a quick note when needed so important info does not become lost between streams. Make a list of the things you need to check before stream. Write down any important info that you want to communicate to your viewers. This can be announcements, goals completed or anything of interest. For after your stream I recommend at least making a checklist for after you hit end stream ( like remember to download that VOD or post a thank you tweet) . Also I recommend a quick journal of what you felt after your stream or what did you like about that stream. You can note things you want to try out next time or any other feelings you may have. This will give insight to you, beyond the numbers!

2. Schedule time to check your tech on the reg.

It is common to check your OBS or other technical elements before your stream. Take time outside of when you stream to do a more through testing. This is important when incorporating apps, plug-ins, or other programs on top of your OBS setup. You will be able take care of any possible updates or corrections needed before you hit live.

Repurposing your content to help continue engagement with community.

Don’t let your VODs stay in Twitch. Re-use for gifs or short videos to natively upload or use on Twitter or Tiktok. It gives another platform to let your content live and reach your audience. Using your Twitch content will let you practice in creating videos as well! P.S finding a love for creating ( editing / designing or planning ) your content? If you are comfortable stream yourself doing it! It will be a great way to engage in your audience in a different way outside of gaming on your channel.

3. Explore!

Explore streaming beyond the games. Alpha in response to Ludwig’s “How to Grow on Twitch” has a great video which covers this topic and others. Both Alpha and Ludwig noted the importance of looking at other creators for inspiration as you find your path. Also the importance of creating goals that only you can do!
Take the time to find consistency on your workflow. That workflow will help create an ease into a better framework. A good workflow will help you when you go for more consistent streaming. Which allows you to better measure, analyze data. With that data you distribute your energy and time to the right areas.

4. Take time to see to get the feeling of streaming.

Do not confuse the action of hard work and growth with the need ” to grind”. You should not be giving up your mental, emotional or physical welfare for streaming. Take a step back when it feels overwhelming or unmanageable. Take time to make it fun and worthwhile for you besides the analytics. Don’t be in the mindset that the stream you do every now and again are worthless or “don’t count”. With each stream you are learning something new: what games you like to stream or a better way to organize OBS. Your stream summary should not be your only look into the health of your stream or you as a streamer. Make sure to explore going into streaming but also make note of yourself and what you feel!